LMU Family of Schools Continues to Grow its Partnership


The LMU Family of Schools builds on its success supporting the students and families of schools in the Westchester/Playa area by adding the newly opened Playa Vista Elementary School and the three-year-old WISH Charter Elementary School to the university-community collaboration. FOS now supports 13 schools through partnerships, professional development, research and service.

LMU’s partnership with LAUSD and the Playa Vista Elementary School community offers a great opportunity to work collaboratively in developing a model teaching demonstration school where research-based best practices can be shared for the benefit of the wider educational community. The 575-seat school emphasizes STEM education, addressing a high-priority national need. In addition, LMU employees have the opportunity to send their children to PVES.

WISH Charter Elementary School aims to maximize every child’s learning potential within an atmosphere of caring and belonging. WISH’s instructional philosophy rests upon the concepts of hands on learning, meaningful instructional activities, systematic instruction, and a collaborative group of professionals working together to make the learning environment exciting for students. Through individualized learning profiles, WISH empowers and inspires learners to reach their highest potential.

Both schools are working with the LMU School of Education’s Center for Math and Science Teaching on professional development activities to enhance instructional and learning strategies that improve student engagement and achievement in math and science.

By bringing public, charter, and Catholic schools together, FOS fosters unique opportunities for dialogue and exchanges of ideas across the spectrum of school platforms.