PLACE Corps Premieres Documentary


PLACE Corps (Partners in Los Angeles Catholic Education) premiered its 22-minute documentary, “The Story of PLACE Corps,” to a large group of current students, alumni, faculty, donors and friends in March 2012. The documentary traces the history and impact of LMU’s two-year program that recruits college graduates from across the United States to teach in struggling, mostly inner city Catholic elementary and high schools in the Archdiocese of Los Angeles. Interviews with alumni, faculty, principals, Archdiocesan leadership and others combined with archival photos and footage of the PLACE Corps students in action tell a vibrant story of the 11-year-old program that is now tightly woven into the fabric of Los Angeles’ Catholic education community.

Centered on three pillars – professionalism, community and spirituality – the program has 50 current PLACE Corps students and more than 200 alumni that represent more than 30 states and 80 colleges and universities. The current students serve more than 3,000 Catholic school students and over the 11 years, students have taught in 76 Catholic schools and served more than 30,000 Catholic school students. PLACE Corps students are highly committed to the future of Catholic schools, with many remaining in the classroom beyond their 2-year commitment and others continuing on into leadership roles in Catholic schools.

View the documentary, or learn more about PLACE Corps.